Publikationen – Dipl. Biologe Tobias Ehlert

Research fields

An ongoing study is investigating free circulating DNA in the blood of colorectal cancer patients.

General research fields are:

  • Epigenetics in exercise physiology
  • Free circulating DNA and colorectal cancer

Selected peer reviewed publications

  • Ehlert T, Simon P, Moser DA: Epigenetics in sports: A potent confounder in genetic association studies? Sports Medicine. In Press
  • Breitbach S, Tug S, Helmig S, Zahn D, Kubiak T, Michal M, Gori T, Ehlert T, Beiter T, Simon P. Direct quantification of cell-free, circulating DNA from unpurified Plasma. PLoS One. 2014 Mar 3;9(3):e87838. eCollection 2014
  • Ehlert T, Simon P, Moser DA. Epigenetics in sports.Sports Med. 2013 Feb;43(2):93-110.
  • Ehlert T, Simon P: Genetik und Epigenetik der körperlichen Leistungsfähigkeit. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin. 2011
  • Ehlert T, Simon P, Tug S: Misleading interpretations and public misinformation on human growth hormone in athletes. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2010

Selected peer reviewed abstracts and other publications

  • Poster Presentation: Changes in free circulating DNA levels in human blood plasma after an exhaustive incremental cycling test. Ehlert T, Mehdorn M, Tug S, Simon P. 90th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft, Dresden Germany, 2012
  • Oral Presentation: Epigenetics in Sports: A potential strong confounder in genetic association studies. Ehlert T, Tug S, Simon P. 90th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft, Regensburg, Germany 2011
  • Oral Presentation: Genetik und Epigenetik der körperlichen Leistungsfähigkeit: Wo liegen die Grenzen der Trainierbarkeit eines Individuums? Ehlert T, Simon P. 10. Tagung der Kommission Leichtathletik in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Deutschen Leichtathletik-Verband (DLV), Mainz, Germany, 2010
  • Poster presentation: Characterization of infiltration of immune cells into tumor spheroids mediated by ertumaxomab. T. Ehlert, F. Hirschhaeuser, W. Mueller-Klieser. CIMT, Mainz 2009